Ethereum - Hands-On

Ethereum, Solidity and Web3js Hands-On Learning

Build Decentralized Apps with Ethereum and write Smart Contract with Solidity
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What Will I Learn?

  • Understanding of Blockchain and use cases.
  • Building and Deploying decentralized applications.
  • Writing smart contracts with Solidity programming language.
  • Creating your own Cryptocurrency.
  • Deploying Smart Contracts to Ethereum Test and Main Network.
  • Learn to use various tools and technologies like Truffle, Web3js, Solc, Ganache, Etherscan, Metamask, Ethereum wallet, Remix, and blockchain explorer.

About this course

Deep dive course to Build Decentralized Apps with Ethereum and write Smart Contract with Solidity, Understand What and Why Blockchain and how Blockchain works, Ethereum Architecture, EVM, Cryptography & Hashing. Learn to write Smart Contract with Solidity programming. Build and deploy with Truffle framework. Create your ERC20 token and transfer token with Metamask Wallet. Building DApps with Web3js and Deployment to Ethereum public network. Creating Ethereum Private Blockchain.

Who Should Attend?

  • Programmers of all experience who want to build Blockchain applications
  • Architects and Tech Leads
  • Leaders and Executives
  • Business Analyst
  • Any one who is having enthusiasm in learning Ethereum can attend this training.



DevOps | Blockchain Coach

Ashish Prajapati

Blockchain Consultant

Upcoming Session

Course Name Duration Date Price Enroll
Ethereum BlockChain Hands-On Learning 2 Days 21 - 22 Dec 2018 ₹ 25000