Blockchain Business Executives - Hands-On

Blockchain Business Executives Hands-On Learning

Blockchain use cases, identify where to apply Blockchain, designing end-to-end Blockchain solutions.
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What Will I Learn?

  • Understanding of Blockchain and DLT.
  • Understanding of Cryptocurrency.
  • Blockchain use cases.
  • Identify where to apply Blockchain.
  • Public, Private and Consortium network.
  • Building end-to-end Blockchain solutions.

About this course

Designing end-to-end Blockchain solutions. Understanding of Blockchain and DLT and understanding of Cryptocurrency. Blockchain use cases and identify where to apply Blockchain. understand the difference among Public, Private and Consortium network. Overview of Blockchain platforms.

Who Should Attend?

  • Programmers of all experience who want to build Blockchain applications
  • Architects and Tech Leads
  • Leaders and Executives
  • Business Analyst


Vinay Krishna

DevOps Coach


DevOps | Blockchain

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